Session Recordings

Keynote: Parenting: Navigating Everything

Speaker: Brett Ullman

This is a compelling, info-packed talk for any parent who wants to better connect with their child.

Media. Faith.Culture – the disconnect

Speaker: Brett Ullman

The concept and presence of media has become the modern day parable that has altered how we interact with our world. There is a growing disconnect as both youth and parents struggle to apply their Christian beliefs to the media that daily engages them. As Christians, how can we be actively involved with our culture without blindly accepting it as true?

How to be a Spiritual Leader in the home

Speaker: Rod Cohen

It doesn’t take a seminary degree to be the spiritual leader in the home. Learn some helpful tools and ideas as Rod shares and reflects on his own parents’ spiritual leadership in their home and how it affected and impacted his faith journey.

Understanding your Child’s Love Language

Speaker: Sam Chung

There is no question you love your child, but the question is do they feel loved? Many of us may know of Dr. Gary Chapman’s ‘love languages’ in the context of marriage, but did you know that your child also has his/her own unique love language? In this seminar, we will discuss each love language and get some tools to figure out how our kids want to be loved.

Emotions as a pathway to a healthy marriage, parenting and friendships

Speaker: Samuel Williams

When it comes to emotions, our default mode is to suppress them, become suspicious of them, or be steered by them to do things we later regret. But what if our emotions exist to offer guidance to areas of spiritual growth and strength? In this seminar, we will discover why emotions are a gift and a pathway to healthy relationships.

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