Upcoming Seminars

November 15 @ 7:00pm


How to be the parent your child wants to talk to. It is difficult to be a healthy parent, while being emotionally unhealthy.

This is a session focused on you as an individual.


JANUARY 17 @ 7:00pm


It is difficult to be healthy parents, while being unhealthy with your partner.

This session is focused on the parental unit/ those partnering in parenting.

FEBRUARY 7 @ 7:00pm


It is difficult to be a healthy parent, when you feel lost in parenting. 

This session is focused on the family unit.

APRIL 24 @ 7:00pm


It is difficult to be a healthy parent, when you don’t create healthy boundaries. 

Past Seminars

January 16/18 @ 7:00pm

Tools to Enhance, Advanced Influence Your Children’s Relationships

Ever concerned about your child’s relationships? Ever wonder how to interact with them? Ever wonder what kind of friends they may attract? Come and learn ways to enhance, advance, and influence your child’s relationships with you and others.

February 6/8 @ 7:00pm

How To Kill The Spider: Learning To Help Adolescence With Addictive Behaviours, And Getting Rid Of What’s Really Holding Them Back

There comes a time when you as a parent have to confront addictive behaviours. We want to help you thrive in the midst of conflict and unlock what your preteen/teenager are really struggling with.  Join us to learn how you can be a positive influence in your child’s life.

Sr. high parents on the 6th | Jr. high parents on the 8th

April 5 @ 7:00pm

How To Be On The Same Page As Parents

Are you and your children on the same page? This is such an important part of the parenting process and we want to help you learn how you can build a bridge with your kids. Join us to learn ho

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